Establishing time?
March 25th,2010
Registered Capital?
10 million yuan
Is it a public listed company?


Does the company have international, national, industry certification?What honors did you get?Please list






Product quality control? Raw material control?

All raw materials will be tested 100%, start machining after qualified.

We will also taking sampling test under processing, the sampling rate is 10%.

Also will do sampling test for finished products, the rate is 10%.

Research and development power?

Five engineer in technical department,six quality controller in QC department.

International market? Please list specific export countries!

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Russia, kazakhstan, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, the Czech republic, Slovakia, Spain, France, England, Finland, Sweden, dubai, united Arab emirates, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa

Main Products

Screwed & Flange Connection:Ball valves, Gate valves. Globe valves, Check valves & Y strainer

Features and USES of the product :

Can be widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipping, metallurgy, energy systems and other body pipeline

Technical advantages of product ?

A)Small opening torque, good sealing performance, small friction between sealing surface, long life

b) The appearance is smooth after secondary shot blasting

c) Disc processing with high precision imported CNC machine tools

The annual output of various products :

Ball Valve:5000 tons

Gate Valve:3500 tons

Globe Valve:2000 tons

Check Valve:1000 tons

Strainers:500 tons

Are your products environmentally friendly? Is the process environmentally friendly?


After-sales service?What kind of service is provided during the warranty period?

Our warranty period is 18 months, promise to replace any quality problem within one month.

Does your Company promote periodic training concerning your compliance program with the members of your Top Management, all your own and outsourced personnel, and, when applicable, your suppliers?

Yes,We have training plan each week for our workers.Also The supplier will be inspected every year to determine whether it is qualified

Does your company provide OEM service?

Yes, both OEM & ODM.

Company Name: