Flange GLobe Valve-150#

Flange GLobe Valve-150#

1. Size: 2~12 in
2. Working Pressure: 150LB
3. Material: WCB, CF8(SS304), CF8M(SS316).

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FLANGE Globe VALVE—150LB Series

Flange Gate Valve (150LB Series)

1.          Size: 2~12 in

2.          Working Pressure: 150LB

3.          Material: WCB, CF8(SS304), CF8M(SS316).

Flange Globe Valve (150LB Series)


1.          Standard Compliance: ANSI B16.34, BS 1873

2.          Pressure-Temp. Rating: ANSI B16.34

3.          Face to Face: ANSI B16.10

4.          End Flange: ANSI B16.5

5.          Butt Welding Ends: ANSI B16.25

6.          Inspection and Test: Tested to API 598, BS 6755, Certified to EN10204 3.1B

7.          Size: 2’’~12’’

8.          Working Pressure: 150LB

9.          Suitable Medium:Oil, Nature Gas, Water, Steam; Acid, Alkali, Organic Compounds


1.          Outside Screwed and Yoke

2.         YorkIntegral with Bonnet

3.          Bolted Bonnet

4.          Loose Disc

5.          Rising Stem and Non-Rising Hand wheel

6.          Threaded Seat Ring

7.          Renewable Seat Ring


1.          Chemical, Refinery Plant

2.          Gas Purification Plant

3.          Power Station, Shipbuilding

4.          Recycling Facilities

Flange Cast Steel Globe Valve (150LB)

Product Specifications:

1.         Size: 1 1/2’’-24’’

2.         Pressure rating: 150LB

3.         Material: A351 CF8M/CF8/CF3,、A216 WCB、A352 LCB、A217 WC6/WC9

4.         Suitable Temperature: -196℃~450℃(Different temperature choose different materials)

5.         Suitable Medium: Water, Oil and natural gas and other causticity medium (Different raw material for different medium)

Technical Specifications:

1.         Design & Manufacture standard: BS 1873, ASME B16.34

2.         Pressure & Temperature standard: ASME B16.34

3.         Face to face dimension standard: ASME B16.10

4.         Flange standard: ASME B16.5

5.         Butt welding standard: ASME B16.25

6.         Test & Inspect: API 598

Product Features:

1.         Stem nut uses aluminum bronze material. Large valve is provided with thrust bearing to make it opened easily & flexibly.

2.         Bolted bonnet, lift stem design.

3.         Two piece design of packing gland to avoid stem clogging caused by squishing.

4.         Flexible graphite packing for dependable sealing performance.

5.         Upper seal design to ensure dependable packing and sealing when valve is fully opened(Replacement of packing under pressure is not recommended).

6.         Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel, Pneumatic actuator and Electric actuator.