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In the harshest industrial environment, valve failures can ruin plant efficiently and risk the safety of employees.Therefore,eople turns to buy the most-trusted valves in their plant. Here KERUI is your safe choice for quality valve supply.

Through years of field application experience, research and development,KERUI is able to create and customize the best solutions for each client’s unique and helps ensure process integrity, uptime reliability and personnel safety. Our aim is to build superior products to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications.



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Email: sale@krcnvalves.com
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Power Generation Refining Petrochemical / Chemical
  • Main steam isolation
  • Feedwater heater isolation
  • Boiler feed pump isolation
  • Economizer isolation
  • Bottom Ash Isolation
  • Isolation Applications
  • Catalyst Slurry Handling
  • Coal Slurry Handling
  • Ash Removal
  • Heavy Oil Units
  • Hydrogen Isolation
  • Hydrotreating Units
  • Isolation in Coker Units
  • Isolation in FCCU Applications
  • Acetic Acid Handling
  • Catalyst Handling
  • Dowtherm Handling
  • Gas Furnace Isolation
  • Lethal Services
  • Polyethylene Isolation
  • Polypropylene Isolation
  • Solids Handling