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Through years of field application experience, research and development, we are able to create and customize the best solutions for each client’s unique and helps ensure process integrity, uptime reliability and personnel safety. We initiate design and support new developments and innovations in valve and pipes. Our goal is to make a valuable engineering contribution and delivery made-to-measure engineered solutions to the client throughout the duration of a project.


Our team of specialist engineers, supported by internationally renowned suppliers provides professional turnkey solutions and an enviable level of after-sales service in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Service is the soul of business and the keystone of our company’s future, when you select KERUI product, service is a big part of what comes with them. More and more, gaining a competitive advantage in this increasingly difficult marketplace depends on a company’s capacity to offer added value services. This sets our company apart from other competitors and provides the opportunity to create long term relationships with our customers.


Our  Promise:
I. Our valves offer a 12 month quality guarantee. Within this period, in the event of problems due to valve quality, free replacement parts and service will be provided by KERUI.

II. After the initial 12 month guarantee period, KERUI offers comprehensive affordable technical support and spare parts to customers.

III. Our engineers remain on call to ensure efficiency when detailed technical issues are encountered.

IV. We offer field service and technical training upon request and can appoint specialists to clients' sites for installation, instruction, and usage assistance if request. Also we offer technical training for operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

V. We offer free replacement of wearing parts of valves already in use.